• Lisa Gallagher

    Lisa Gallagher

    Writer with a personal interest in Mental Health & Wellness. Writing with a mission: End the labels. Photography is my hobby, life is my passion.

  • Leonardo Moura

    Leonardo Moura

    Designer, programmer, baker , daddy and mountain lover

  • Kris Vandenberk

    Kris Vandenberk

    Director Technology Industry at Agio Capital & Business Solutions | interests: #SaaS #AI #IoT #FinTech #blockchain #deeptech | Views are my own

  • Maria Ramos

    Maria Ramos

    I write. Period.

  • Karyn Cole

    Karyn Cole

    Starting life over as a crazy cat lady and being amazingly successful at it. Just ask my neighbors.

  • Masculine & Feminine

    Masculine & Feminine

    Empowering Men & Women -https://pragma.thinkific.com

  • Sangram Kakad

    Sangram Kakad

    Founder, MTJF - More Than Just Friends

  • Brian Hathaway

    Brian Hathaway

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